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Gæsteindlæg: Kristoffer Forby

Gæsteindlæg: Kristoffer Forby

Hey Guys,

The following lookbook is developed and executed by the in-house art directors alongside photographers of KRISTOFFER FORBY ApS.

We got the task to develop and execute the photo-material of Corner Of The West Lookbook. The images takes standing point in the vision of COTW, and will be used on the official website alongside other social media accounts.

Corner Of The West, Danish Luxury Fashion

COTW is a small danish brand with roots in modern and minimalistic streetwear fashion. The pieces are made of the best fabrics, and the designs are sure to expose nothing but luxury. Therefore, the setting needed to be deserted and rough, simply to create a kind of contrast to make the images more interesting to look at. Let us know if you guys believe we managed to hit the right spot, according to the contrastness. View a sneak peek of the lookbook right above. If you desire to view the entire lookbook, have a look at their website.

Personally i believe the pieces are fine. However, what i do like the most is the way they run their business. Very humble people with only the best of intentions. Skilled at what they do, and constantly moving towards their goals. These kind of brands are the ones you really want to support!

We, at KRISTOFFER FORBY ApS, are very glad to collaborate on different kind of projects with COTW, and cannot wait to show everyone what is yet to come!

- Kristoffer Forby